Vitax Sulphur Candles

If you’re thinking of starting off some seeds in your greenhouse now the weather’s improving, it’s a good idea to make sure you disinfect the greenhouse first to ensure the environment is clean and healthy, although you should also sweep and wash the greenhouse prior to disinfecting.


Before using the candle, remove all plants from the greenhouse (with the exception of dormant peach trees or vines).  Check all doors, windows and ventilation points are completely closed, place the candle on a brick in the middle of the greenhouse, and light the paper wick.  The sulphur around the wick should melt and then burn with a very pale blue, almost invisible flame. Leave the greenhouse completely closed and sealed.


After 12 hours open up the greenhouse and ventilate to remove fumes. One Vitax Sulphur Candle will disinfect an average 8ft x 10ft greenhouse, and for larger greenhouses you can use more candles simultaneously.

Totally DIY

The 3 day Totally DIY show has taken place again this year at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry, where over 100 suppliers and manufacturers had stands for trade customers to see our product range.

Leading the display is our Nippon range of pest control and rodenticides, including the Pest Smoke smoke-generator which eradicates a wide range of insects in just two hours, and the Nippon Tip Trap, a humane mouse catcher. Also on the stand were the new Biodegradables range which includes Grow Pots and Tubes, Mulch Mats and Cabbage Collars.


And of course Slug Gone took centre stage once again, being a very popular product in hardware and DIY outlets.

Garden Press Event

Vitax had another successful day at the Garden Press Event at the Barbican Exhibition Hall this week. Fortunately the weather and the trains were good to us, so a large number of garden writers were able to attend the show.  This is the only Gardening & Home event dedicated exclusively for the Press and Media. One of over a hundred companies exhibiting, this event was the ideal place to bring our product range to the attention of the media.


Slug Gone took centre stage again. Many of the writers had been given free samples last year, and came back to tell us how pleased they were with its effectiveness.


We also featured our new biodegradable pots & mats range, which includes Cabbage Collars, Mulch Mats, Ring Culture Pots, Grow Pots and Grow Tubes. These effective and easy to use products help protect and encourage the growth of seedlings and young plants. This range has been designed with environmentally conscious gardeners in mind as the products are fully biodegradable, and can be used alongside our range of Vitapot planting pots and pellets.


Vitax also made a donation to Greenfingers charity, which is supported by the gardening industry. With the continuous backing of retailers and manufacturers, the charity has created 42 gardens in children’s hospices across the UK.




Vitax had a busy day at The Garden Centre Group trade show yesterday. Our stand was staffed by Colin Wetherley-Mein (Sales Manager) and Ralph Fitter (National Accounts Manager) and featured many products including the extremely popular Slug Gone.


It was a chilly start to the day in the capacious animal sheds at the Malvern show ground. Heavy rain and local flooding caused transport problems for many of the visitors. But the show ended on a high note as many more people arrived in the afternoon and the heating finally came on!

John Negus at Rowledge Gardening Club

Garden writer John Negus gave a talk to Rowledge Garden Club in Hampshire, which he concluded with a quiz. The winner was presented with a carton of Vitax Q4, John’s favourite fertiliser. A premier boost for roses, flowers, vegetables, fruit, tomatoes, chrysanthemums and lawns, it’s a nutritious balance of major plant foods and vital trace elements.

John said he has nothing but the highest praise for Vitax whose products are brilliant and whose catalogue is eminently readable.

Slug Gone premiers in USA

Vitax have had an excellent week at the MANTS show (Mid Atlantic Nursery Trades Show) in Baltimore this week, where our excellent slug & snail repellent Slug Gone is making its first appearance in the USA.




Slug Gone is being imported and distributed by Fertil USA, who are being represented by William Evans at the show.  William has been extremely impressed with the outstanding results obtained from Slug Gone, and is receiving the first container load in Pennsylvania next week.


Feedback from visitors to the show has been extremely positive as this product is unique in the US market where there is an increasing concern over pesticide use to remove pests.


Slug Gone will also be on display at the Philadelphia Flower Show in March 2014.

John Negus talks to Longstock gardening club

After chatting to spirited members of the Longstock, Winchester, Gardening Club, garden writer and lecturer John Negus conducted a fun quiz in which a member was delighted to leave with a carton of Vitax Q4 pelleted fertiliser. A very effective balanced feed for roses, flowers and vegetables, fruit, tomatoes, chrysanthemums and lawns, it was originally developed for commercial growers.

John commented: ‘Well done, Vitax, for very cleverly providing gardeners with all they need to ensure good results’.

Supaturf line marking helps South African WTD day

Our Supaturf South Africa colleagues were asked if it was possible to create the outlines of the words to be used in an advert for Domestos WTD (world toilet day) promoting improved sanitation in South Africa.  The advert will be published in all major South African newspapers and on one of the television channels.


600 children from an underprivileged school near our Supaturf South Africa premises in Mt Edgecombe were bussed in to the Kings Park Stadium and positioned inside the word outlines for the photo shoot.


The cameraman was hoisted 12 metres up in a Cherry Picker from where the photo was taken. We had to adjust the shape of the lettering to compensate for the camera distortion created by the angle of the shot. This was established by taking numerous photos and then plotting out the area bounded by the camera viewfinder.


Besides the fact that there was persistent rain on the day we did the marking out, we had great fun doing the advert.  We used Red Aerosol to mark the outlines, which rendered them invisible to anyone walking casually past the pitch. We received many compliments from the production crew who said it was an absolute pleasure working with Supaturf South Africa, and they were impressed by the efficiency and quality of the work produced.

Clay Breaker

Vitax Clay Breaker is ideal for conditioning soil without affecting its natural pH. It will break up even the heaviest clay, making the soil easier to work, improving drainage, and enhancing soil warmth for earlier crop growth.


Clay Breaker can be used at any time of year, but best results are gained by applying in the Autumn after rough digging. Combined with winter frosts, it will give good soil structure for Spring planting.


Use as directed, and leave for a month before re-working the soil.

Vitax Weedfree Sachets

Kills weeds and their roots, including grasses.

For clearing overgrown areas of the garden.

Allows immediate re-planting after use.


Size: 6 x 100ml sachets


Vitax Weedfree is a systemic total herbicide containing glyphosate for the control of annual and perennial weeds such as grasses, nettles, willowherb and dandelions around the garden and on hard surfaces.


Following application to weeds it moves through the plant and down to the roots. For best effect apply as a spray from March to October when weeds are actively growing and have a large leaf area, allowing plenty of the weedkiller to be absorbed.


Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use.