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Rodents on the rampage? Nippon has the answer

1st November 2016

Nippon rat bait station

If your shed, greenhouse or home is experiencing the effects of rodent rampage, Nippon has the answer with its Rodenticide range – designed specifically to keep rodent infestations in check.

From ultrasonic, electromagnetic pest repellers to bait stations and traditional mouse traps, Nippon has the perfect product for gardeners and households facing rodent mayhem.

Nippon’s Pre-Baited Plastic Mouse Traps are easy-to-use and have a no-touch hygienic design.  Pre-baited, just one click sets the trap which can be inserted under cupboards, in greenhouses or sheds. 

Once used, the trap can be squeezed to remove the vermin.  For gardeners experiencing problems with larger rodents such as rats, Nippon’s Rat Bait Station is an effective solution which can be used both indoors and out.

Used with Rodenticide Fresh Bait its clear lid allows the contents to be checked at a glance.  Tamper resistant, unlike traditional traps rodents will take the bait back to their nests which means there is no need to dispose of the vermin from the trap itself.

For gardeners looking for a deterrent rather a permanent solution, Nippon has designed the Ultrasonic & Electromagnetic Pest Repeller. Using high frequency waves to deter pests, it comes complete with a night light and air purifier.

The high frequency waves are inaudible to humans and household pets, and with no chemicals, fumes or poison it is ideal for use indoors.

Nippon pre-baited mouse traps
Nippon ultrasonic electromagnetic pest repeller
Nippon rat & mouse bait

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