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De-Bug Your Plants with PY

5th September 2016

Plagued by both flying and crawling insects during the growing season? Vitax’s PY range can help keep them under control whether it be in the greenhouse, garden or home.

Vitax’s PY range consists of three products: PY Bug Killer RTU, PY Bug Killer Concentrate and PY Powder. 

PY Bug Killer RTU is ideal for use in the garden or greenhouse. The ready-to-use spray is fast and effective, helping to control bugs such as greenfly, blackfly, caterpillars, weevils and capsid bugs.  Once applied, edible crops can be picked seven days after treatment.

In addition to the RTU, PY Bug Killer also comes as a concentrate.  Provided as a liquid, once diluted gardeners can use it in watering cans to cover larger areas.  Edible plants and crops that have had PY Bug Killer Concentrate applied can be picked just one day after treatment. 

Alternatively, organic gardeners can use PY Powder.  Containing nature’s own insecticide – Pyrethrum – it controls aphids, beetles and caterpillars, as well as greenfly, blackfly and weevils.  Once applied, crops can be picked one day after treatment.

All of Vitax’s PY products can also be used to tackle more common insects such as ants and wasps.

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