What Plant


Narcissus ‘Midget’

Narcissus-midgetThis miniature narcissus bulb comes very highly recommended by all the specialist bulb growers. It has tiny golden trumpets above attractive, neat, greyish green leaves. It grows up to about four inches and flowers very early – usually in February or March. As it is so adaptable, ‘Midget’ may be naturalised in grass, or grown in borders, troughs, or pots. As with all daffodils, it is a good idea to deadhead it as the flowers fade, and allow the leaves to die back for at least six weeks before removing them. Remember, when planting outside, that manure or fertiliser containing an excess of nitrogen should be avoided. I think ‘Midget’ would make a wonderful partner for scillas or chionodoxas.

Propagation: Separate and replant offsets as the leaves fade in late spring.


Narcirrus ‘Little Beauty’

narcissus-little-beauty‘Little Beauty’ is a sturdy, but small, trumpet daffodil with creamy white petals and a lemon trumpet. The flowers are single and may reach one and a half inches in diameter, on stems that are only about four inches tall. This little daffodil may be naturalised in short fine grass, but its ideal situation is at the front of a border or rock garden, in sun or dappled shade. Plant it at one and a half times its own depth, or slightly deeper if the soil is light, or if it is being naturalised in grass. Daffodils do tolerate a wide range of soils, but are best grown in moderately fertile, well drained soil that is moist during the growing season. The flowering time for ‘Little Beauty’ is early March.

Propagation: Separate and replant the offsets as leaves fade in early summer.


Narcissus Lobularis

narcissus-lobularisThis is a selected form of the Lent lily – Narcissus pseudonardssus – our indigenous wild daffodil and one of the best for naturalising. Its flowers have yellow trumpets with paler petals and it grows to about five inches. It may take a couple of years to flower, so don’t despair if you don’t have many flowers in the first season. If daffodils are not performing well, apply a low nitrogen, high potash fertiliser after flowering has finished. Sometimes flowering falls off if the bulb clumps get congested. If so, they should be lifted and divided. If growing daffodils in grass, delay grass cutting for four to six weeks after they have finished flowering. Narcissus lobularis usually flowers in early March.

Propagation: Separate and replant the offsets after flowering in early summer.